Components for laser cutting machines

Components for laser cutting machines
CO2 lasers are devices necessary in many industrial sectors that facilitate work and allow the plastic processing of metal and other materials. Part wear is a normal process that occurs even in the best machines. To meet the needs of our customers, we sell original mechanical and electrical components for laser cutting machines. Our offer includes:

  • full optics for FANUC and MAZAK resonators;
  • directional mirrors and lenses;
  • vacuum pumps;
  • laser heads;
  • all types of nozzles for normal, water and ECO CUT heads;
  • motherboards, PCBs, memories, resonator cards;
  • inverters, servomotors, pulse coders;
  • PSU power supplies and matching boxes.

Parts for CO2 lasers: vacuum pumps, resonators, mirrors.
We offer a large selection of components for CO2 lasers. We sell, among the others: vacuum pumps, optics, resonators and screwballs.


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