Lasers repair and inspections

We provide a professional repairs and maintenance of industrial plastic working lasers. CO2 lasers emit infrared light. It can be use to engrave, mark and cut, among the others wood, metal, plexiglass and ABS. We repair laser devices of various manufacturers, including: Amada, Mazak and Lvd. We offer a full range of maintenance services:

  • periodic inspections AMADA laser cutting machines;
  • diagnostics of the causes of failures;
    replacing the optics within the resonator (C1000, C1500, C2000, C3000 E AF4000D and all types of resonators FANUC);
  • CO2 laser power measurement and power calibration;
  • cleaning of directional mirrors, exterior mirrors and their adjustment to the cross lens;
  • replacement of the discharge electrodes inside the resonator;
  • regeneration of ROTS BLOWER, TURBO BLOWER and vacuum pumps;
  • replacement or regeneration of screwballs axis X, Y, Z;
  • selection of the cutting various materials, such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plexiglass, plywood, etc .;
  • replacement of resonator components such as: power unit, matching box, power sensor, gas pressure sensor, etc .;
  • any minor repair and elimination of defects;
  • replacement of basic fluids and operating oils.

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